Společnost outdoor akzent je od 21. 1. 2013
součástí holdingu BigBoard Praha a.s.

Obchodní zastoupení pro celou skupinu zajišťuje
společnost BigMedia, spol. s.r.o.




Since the beginning of 2019 we have prepared for you a few clv, billboard and LED screens for sale in Mercury Shopping Center in Českobudějovice.

Maxcube - just for sale some attractive locations in Prague. The four-sided 2.4 x 6 m construction, visible from all sides, maximizes the effect of the presented advertising message.

During the holidays we built several new Euroformats 5.1 x 2.4 m in Brno and Ostrava.

outdoor akzent s.r.o. has changed its registered office, which now has the following address:
outdoor akzent s.r.o.
Na strži 2097/63
140 00 Prague 4

At attractive locations close to business centers, I have prepared new positions for exclusive Maxucube advertising spaces.

For our clients, we have expanded our network of billboard sites with another busy location at the Avion Park shopping center in Brno.

Another new billboard was built for you in Bohumin at the main transit through the city.

Four new billboards in Brno on the city ring road. On sale from April 2017.

Since February 2017 we have been selling 14 new premises in Ostrava. All are a billboard format located on busy roads.

Another new billboard in Brandys nad Labem at Kaufland. Our clients can choose between 6 344 billboards spaced throughout the Czech Republic.

In Liberec we have built another illuminated billboard prism on a busy transit town. On sale now.

Another new double bigboard we have built in Prague 5 on the main road, direction Plzen. The total number offered by us double bigboards and reached number 123.

In February and March, we built two new double bigboards size of 9.6 x 8.2 m in Hradec Kralove and Prague 5. The total number of double bigboards areas and reached respectable numbers 123.

In May 2014 a new Web presentation of our company was started.

This year we celebrate 5 years of successful operation of the LED screens project.

All major formats - bigboards, backlights and LED screens also offered by BigMedia company.