Společnost outdoor akzent je od 21. 1. 2013
součástí holdingu BigBoard Praha a.s.

Obchodní zastoupení pro celou skupinu zajišťuje
společnost BigMedia, spol. s.r.o.



Information about us

Outdoor Akzent Ltd. is the market leader for billboard outdoor advertising in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on high quality, flexibility and creativity.

We own a network of approximately 5,300 billboards and 1,000 CLVs exclusively situated at Tesco and Kaufland retail chains. With a share of 30 % on the Czech market, we are the largest provider of advertising space in this segment. We offer a complete OOH solutions tailored to the wishes of the customers, including a wide selection of outdoor advertising services that will meet their needs. We have the know-how and services necessary for outdoor communication, which will help to raise the profile of your product or your company. Since January 2013, Outdoor Akzent Ltd. has been part of BigBoard Praha PLC group. This group has operated on the Czech market since 1994 and it is currently the largest outdoor advertising operator in the Czech Republic with the highest market share. It operates a wide network of premium quality advertising media throughout the Czech Republic with its dominant position not only in Prague. BigBoard group also includes Outdoor Czech Ltd., BigMedia Ltd. and recently also Outdoor Akzent Ltd.

More information can be found on www.bigboard.cz